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Welcome to my website. Being inspired and inspiring others is what I live for! I am an artist, author, creator and online art tutor. This website is a place for you to seek inspiration from my free guides and mini-courses, a place to join my 30-Day Sketchbook Challenge as well as enrol in my online art school where I teach you loads of things about sketching and creativity. Plus I have an exciting creative membership that opens for registration a few times a year - you can find out more and join now (01-14 October).

Please feel free to email me on if you want to get in touch! See you soon and stay creative. Susan

Inspire – JOIN NOW!

Inspire – JOIN NOW!

Inspire is a celebration of all things creative and inspirational. It is a sketching membership group with Susan Yeates, designed especially for creative souls that crave ideas and plenty of arty things to do on a monthly basis. Join the membership to take part in this global creative community. Registration is open from 01-14 October 2020.

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Latest blog posts from Susan.
The 7 Day Sketchbook Challenge (21st-27th Sept 2020)
The September 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge is Here! I have had SO much fun this year running two full 30-day challenges in both January and April...
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The Monthly Sketchbook Celebration!
Since our last live sketchbook challenge in April 2020 I have been listening to your feedback and wanted to launch something that will keep our...
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In the Studio with Susan – Episode 7
Hi all, and a huge welcome to my studio. Life in August I tend to take life a little easier in August and spend the...
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FREE ebook – The Ultimate Guide to Creative Living

FREE ebook – The Ultimate Guide to Creative Living

Staying inspired is one of the foundations of living a creative life… and a creative life brings me so much joy! This guide shows you the things I do personally to tend to my creativity on a regular basis, sparking ideas, getting me out of artistic blocks and increasing my artistic output.

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"Thank you for the mini course, helped overcome my fear of using a pen for sketching. Will definitely practice everyday for the rest of the month."
Fran, 5 Days of Creativity Boosting Exercises, May 2020
"Very helpful and thought provoking."
Sonia Jensen, Build a Daily Sketching Habit
"Thank you - I have found the course inspirational in the fact that it is getting me back into daily sketching and doodling which personally I find relaxing and it takes me to a happy place."
G. Callaghan, Build a Daily Sketching Habit, Feb 2020

Drawing tutorials

Blogs about drawing, tips and inspiration.
FREE mini course – 5 Days of Creativity Boosting Exercises!

FREE mini course – 5 Days of Creativity Boosting Exercises!

This FREE mini-course with Susan is the perfect way to boost your creativity over a 5-day period. Each day you will receive a brand new creative exercise that will help to unleash your creativity… plus a little smattering of inspiration and ideas as well. Perfect for beginners, for anyone stuck in a creative rut, for 30-day sketchbook challengers and for anyone that wants a really exciting 5-day focus on boosting creativity! Join at any time…

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Learn with Susan

Learn with Susan

Susan’s online courses cover a range of topics from including mindful drawing and doodling, sketching for fun, and many other craft disciplines. Learn alongside Susan through videos and exercises.

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Join the Autumn 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge

Join Susan for the mini 7 Day Sketchbook Challenge from 21st to 27th September. Think of it as a fun warm-up ready for January 2021 and a week of creative sketchbooking! Join the challenge


I am an artist and creative. I studied Fine Art, Printmaking at Loughborough University and have continued to print, draw, paint and create stuff throughout my career. My portfolio has a selection of my work...


Free creativity resources I have a number of free creativity resources, including ebooks, mini courses, and sketchbook challenges. Read on to find out more… FREE ebook – The Ultimate Guide to Creative Living Staying inspired...