Get the most out of the space you have for successful printmaking!

Many printmaking students and professional printmakers carry out printmaking such as linocut, woodcut or wood engraving from the comfort of their own homes. This may be because there are no professional printmaking studios near you or simply the convenience and cost of working at home. Whatever your reasons, we have put together a few top tips to help you get the most out of setting up your own home studio, whether this is just working on your dining room table or converting a garage in to a dedicated printmaking space!

HOWEVER (this is where it gets exciting,) rather than read through a long list of the 10 tips here on the blog, we have instead put this information together into a handy 30 minute video. So you can sit back, relax, maybe grab a cuppa and just watch as we guide you through these handy pointers. You may want to take a few notes – or watch the video back as many times as you like.

Please click on the image or link below to access the video:

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As a sneak preview – here is the first tip for you before you start on the video….

1. Find the right space

When it comes to printing at home, it is really important to choose a dedicated space that you feel comfortable to work in. It sets your intention that ‘I am a printmaker and I need space to work’. Whether you have just started printmaking or are a practicing printmaking artist, setting aside a dedicated space is equally as important to achieving good results. Some people will be lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, garage, shed or studio they can convert. For the rest of us, it is simply that every time we come to printmaking we use the dining room table or the kitchen work-surface. In my experience it is also helpful to let your family (or whoever you live with) know that this is your creative space and where you will be doing your printmaking regularly.

As creative people, the environment that we use as our studio is essential to allow our creative juices to flow. If we have to keep moving this space around or tidy up after just 30 minutes, it can have such a detrimental effect on our printmaking output.

So, wander around your home and find the best possible space for you – one you can call your home studio!

To access the remaining 9 essential tips visit the FREE video here

About Susan

Susan Yeates is a printmaker, tutor and author at Magenta Sky Arts and Crafts. She has written three art/craft books including Learning Linocut, an amazon no. 1 best-selling printmaking book providing a comprehensive introduction to relief printing. In 2015 Susan launched a new and unique online printmaking course ‘Introduction to Printmaking’ providing printmaking tuition via online demonstration videos to students across the world ( Susan lives and works in Woking in Surrey (UK) and continues to teach printmaking to anyone wanting to learn!

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