Wow! I can’t believe it but there are 1,250 of you! One thousand, two hundred and fifty people sketching a new page in their sketchbook every day. That’s so crazy. When I started I didn’t even think 200 people would sign up, let alone 1,250! Thank you all for joining me to sketch every single day of January and encouraging one another along.

The response and your enthusiasm in creating something new every day, stepping up to the challenge, even if it seems hard at first, is really inspiring to see. Every day I log into my Facebook account and see new drawings, new experimentations and fantastic creative interpretations of the prompts. You are also all so very supportive of each other and this is a pure joy to see.

Because the challenge has now been going over two weeks, I have also seen many of you new to drawing try new things, grow in your confidence and buy new tools and materials (sorry about that).

So, once again a huge well done and a high thank you for making this such a joy to run, if a little more work than I expected. Please keep going everyone!

Here’s some of my own sketches that I have done over the past few weeks…



Fancy Joining In?

The original / current challenge runs from 01 Jan – 30 Jan 2018 and provides 30 days of sketchbook prompts to get you into a regular drawing habit.

It is probably a little late to catch up over two weeks of prompts but you can join at any time now in 2018 and do the thirty days of sketching in your own time.

If you want to join in the challenge and start from the beginning simply click on the link here.


  1. Dear Susan, I want you to know how hugely I`m enjoying your Sketchbook Challenge. I heard about it from a friend who is better on facebook than I am. It had already started but I caught up and look forward to your prompt and encouragement every morning. I`m a retired Art teacher who often used the habit of a sketch -a-day with my students and have even used it myself in the past. My art was having a bit of a slump for quite a while but thanks to your challenge I`m on my way back. The prompt you give us every day did the trick. The habit will stick after the month is up as I now have the time and the motivation. I dont post my work often as its not really my thing but hope to put the images on my facebook page.
    Thank you so much for the time and energy you put into this project.
    Honor (FitzGerald)
    Roscommon Town, Ireland.

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