Are you looking to undertake a creative project or give someone a unique, handmade gift?

With linocut printing, a form of relief printing, the possibilities are endless and there are some great tools and techniques that you can use to transform plain items into something creative and appealing. Many of us create prints using lino as finished and framed fine art prints, but there is so much more that can be done…

Here are six practical gift ideas you can create quickly and easily using linocutting;

1: Greeting Cards

Handmade greetings cards are always well received and using linocut is a great way to give them a creative twist. The design and colours can be tailored to suit and all you need is some quality card, a design on the linocut print, printing ink and some matching envelopes. What’s more, you can even include an envelope with a tiny linocut print on it too for an extra special look.

2: Gift Wrap

On the theme of gifts, why not create your very own wrapping paper which the recipient is sure to love. The trick to creating the perfect paper to wrap your gift is to choose a high quality paper and a small and simple linocut block (or two) that can be repeated across the paper. You can use your creativity to make the gift wrap in the style as you wish, maybe even including the recipients initials or another unique design feature that they will identify with.

3: Gift Bags

You’ve got the greeting card and made the wrap, why not complete the set with unique gift bags. Carry on the same colour and design theme or create something completely different. It’s entirely up to you. Whether the bag is being made for a child going to a princess themed party or you are opting for a floral theme for a friend who loves flowers, the sky’s the limit with your design.

4: Fabric Rolls

Fabric can be used for a whole range of purposes from cushion covers to table throws so why not use a printed linocut design to add interest to a table runner, fabric placemat or other household accessory. Even better, why not create a design as a gift and produce a set of cushion covers or matching window accessories? Make sure to use specialist fabric printing ink when printing onto your rolls of fabric so that the ink lasts and stays in place!

5: Clothing Designs

T-Shirt designs are a great way to put your linocut blocks into action. Personalise a plain t-shirt or add some interest with a unique and interesting design. You can print onto a whole range of garments including shirts, blouses, sweaters and more.

6: Functional Bookmarks

Who doesn’t love to curl up with a good book? If you have friend or relative who is an avid reader, why not treat them to a creative bookmark so they never lose their page again. An affordable yet practical gift that you can give to friends and family and even make one for yourself. Experiment with different shapes and colours to create the perfect bookmark.

Want to Learn Linocut?

If you want to know how to produce linocut prints then why not take a look at our book all about lino – Learning Linocut by Susan Yeates. The book is available online via and teaches you everything you need to know about creating linocut prints for use on paper or even making the unique gifts described above.

Once you are hooked on lino, you can even attend our creative courses or workshops and learn some cool tips and tricks and pick up some great gift ideas.

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