At the majority of my workshops I hand out out useful sheets of information covering what has just been taught in the workshop. For example if I have just taught a woodcut course I will provide an Introduction to Woodcut factsheet for people to take home so that they remember all the steps in the process when woodcutting.

As you can imagine, over the years I have built up quite a number of factsheets and info sheets and rather than them just sit on my laptop gathering (virtual) dust I have decided to start giving these away for free to anyone interested to learn. Not everyone can make it to one of my courses or workshops here in Surrey and Hampshire, but they can quite easily download a PDF and perhaps have a go themselves from home.

So today I start with my Introduction to Linocut factsheet! And I am also rather excited that I had help from a lovely designer to make this look just a little better than the ones I normally produce myself.

To get you FREE copy of my Introduction to Linocut factsheet please click on the link below…


Thanks and enjoy!


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