The great success of Social Media and Facebook in particular, is that it reads like a magazine. Only, because you have chosen pages to follow and connected with people you like, the content is somewhat more tailored to you personally. It is something in between a café, a favourite TV channel and a photo album. This very moldable quality is why it works so very well in helping you to promote your crafts.

Whether like us at Magenta Sky, you run workshops or have publications or courses to market, or whether you have crafted products or pieces of artwork you’d like to sell to the public, Facebook is an easy-to-use platform and very conducive to creative people.

Here are top 5 tips for successfully bringing your products or services to the attention of the world at large:

1. Use images

This can take a little time to get used to, but if you have, for example, some beautiful ceramics or bead work, prints or lovingly hand-crafted toys, you may want to carefully photograph them and label them, putting a brief description of the materials used, the price and –if you make to order – the availability and timescale. All these details are helpful to the customer and make your page more attractive.

2. Good header and profile picture

If you have a name for your shop or your service, make sure it has a clear graphic and sits nicely in the header. You may want to feature an item, a photo from an event, details of an offer or promotion. However you use the header, ensure that it is clear and adds value to your page. Equally, for the profile photo, if you choose the image of an item/object that characterises your work, ensure it is a clear and attractive image which complements the header. Many use a photograph of themselves – it is entirely up to you.

3. Show your personality

Facebook can be a very open and friendly platform. YOU set the tone for your page so interact with your audience and don’t be afraid to police it and protect it from unpleasantness. It is your domain and you want to make it as accessible and interesting as you can. The way to do this is by sharing images, articles and events you find interesting, favourite artists, or works, services or companies you personally think are good and of value to your page visitors. Most importantly, share your journey. Are you just finishing a commission? Has something challenged you? Are you planning a workshop? Has something inspired you? Share it! You build your audience through showing a little of what makes you tick.


4. Quality over Quantity

Facebook’s ultimate aim has always been to give a good experience to the site’s users. Compared to the interesting, amusing and informative posts that keep people online, the ‘hard sell’ posts seems crass and off-putting. Therefore, before you post numerous offers or promotions, think about the ratio of posts that are interesting, visually appealing and of value to your chosen audience member versus the ratio of selling, promoting and advertising posts you put out. We would suggest for every 2 selling posts you put 8 interesting posts. Content that keeps people’s interest can be journaling style posts telling visitors about how you work, features of articles or reviews of relevant books you have read. You can feature other artist’s works that you have explored, describe an exhibition, or starts a conversation about something new you have discovered. In short, good quality posts will keep your visitors coming back and feeling like they belong to a community.


5. Tell the world!

Speak up about your Facebook page, to friends, family members, colleagues, fellow artists! Also, don’t be afraid to ADVERTISE. If you already have a selling platform up and running – maybe a shop on Etsy or Folksy – point to this clearly and regularly from your Facebook page to encourage traffic to flow that way. Even if you have a modest eBay presence or you have an Instagram account, or you have uploaded a video you have made onto Vimeo or YouTube, you must broadcast this because it is the very thing that your audience wants to know about, wants to ask you about and crucially will want to share. Lastly, Facebook has a very cheap and efficient pay-as-you-go advertising facility, which you can use to reach people whose interests mirror those of your average loyal follower. What’s more, if you are geographically based or have an event in a particular location, you can use targeted advertising to gain local interest and hopefully custom.


So, spend some time tinkering with Facebook. Do a test advert and see if you can’t gain some more ‘likes’ for your page. With a little effort, you can build an appreciative, supportive community and some loyal customers too!

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Need Further Help?

If you need assistance with Facebook to promote your crafts or want to explore Facebook Advertising and aren’t sure where to start, please contact Susan on and she can assist you. As an owner of a successful online craft business and a social media marketing expert, she can help turn your artwork or craft interest from a hobby into a business using the power of social media!

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