Pottery_suI was attending a friend’s hen party this weekend and we were lucky enough to be whisked away to Blandford for a day of being creative – just up my street! A jam-packed day of making pottery!! Let me share the experience with you…

After arriving in Blandford en masse, we all walked down a short alleyway in the small town into a gated and very tucked away courtyard and through the main doors of The Pottery Parlour. This quirky studio, guarded by a ceramic dog that sits by the front door was the venue for a day of pot throwing, tile making and pottery painting. With a big messy table, three pottery wheels, a plethora of examples all around us and a heap of brown and white clay this was the perfect venue for a day of making.

The studio was a little cold on first entering (it is January!!), but the roaring fire and warm welcome accompanied by a nice cup of tea soon did the job in warming us all up.  We were introduced to the tasks for the day including having a go at throwing a pot on the pottery wheel and making a wall hanging of our choice.  Then it was full steam ahead and we all got making our creations. Two at a time tried the pottery wheels, with individual supervision and I must say to generally very good success as well!

The studio is run by Vanessa Conyers, a potter that produces and sells hand-made pottery pieces. Her website can be found here: http://www.vanessaconyers.com

We were all welcomed, encouraged and produced a selection of items from pots to cups, to gravy boats to imaginative animal wall hangings. Plus we all had the opportunity to paint them using the specialised paints provided and a bit of expert guidance.

All in all it was a well-run workshop, great fun and we can’t wait to pick up our pottery items in a few weeks time when they have been glazed and fired.

To see more about the pottery or to book a workshop just visit:


And here are some of my creations….


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