So I have a confession – I love Pinterest!

It is a truly addictive social media platform (technically classed as a social bookmarking site) and perfect for us creative people that love looking at pictures!

At Magenta Sky we have a Pinterest account for the business and like to browse through, pinning things and creating boards on a regular basis. But I thought I would share with you just some of the reasons I love it and also a little bit about it too.

What is Pinterest? is a social media platform that works like an online ‘pinboard’ or as I see it, a scrapbook. You create an account to allow you to bookmark or collect ideas for different projects and interests. You create and share images or visual bookmarks (called “Pins”) into collections (called “boards”).

For example we have some boards called:  Pattern and Colour, Prints I like and Magenta Sky Workshops. Take a look here:

A useful ‘dummies’ guide to what Pinterest is can be found here:

A Few Stats

Since its introduction in 2010, Pinterest has quickly become the third most popular social networking site in the world, behind only Facebook and Twitter.

Women account for about 65% of Pinterest’s users worldwide, but the percentage of male users is rising.

Pinterest has over 70 million users and is growing rapidly (this is based upon a study taken in July 2013, so the numbers now will be even greater!)

It is a social bookmarking site that is all about discovery – popular areas of interest include fashion, recipes, décor, wedding planning and creative businesses.

Pinterest is FREE to sign up and create an account.

How to Use Pinterest…

1. Sign up and create an account (you can even use your Facebook account to get you started)
2. Create boards to place your pictures onto
3. Pin pictures onto your boards (either upload from your computer, or install their handy widget to your internet browser that allows you to ‘pin’ any picture to a board)
4. You can search to find images and boards to pin and follow
5. Re-pin other people’s pins
6. Follow other people’s boards

Who Uses Pinterest?

As we mentioned, 65% of the user base is female, but Pinterest is basically used by anyone interested in images and pictures, and collecting them in one place to refer back to. I find that once I start searching a term or browsing other people’s boards I seem to lose time and an hour has passed!

Why Use Pinterest?

Put simply, Pinterest it is fun, creative and inspiring!

It is also a really helpful tool for generating and collating ideas. For example, pinning images of items you would like to make such as crochet or sewing patterns, collecting images of clothing styles you like, maybe even a mood board of colours and design styles for decorating your home or planning your wedding. If you are a printmaker, you may want to do some initial research on a topic through pinterest before designing a print, or you may want to showcase all of your own prints on there for others to find. It can also be great to follow a company or brand that are using it well – magazines, clothing companies and designers often use pinterest well, so you can stay up to date with their latest news and products.

Go pinning…

Need I say more? Pinterest is visually engaging, quick to get started and you can dip in and out of it as you like. I really do think of it as my online scrapbook and although I don’t login to my account as regularly as Facebook or Twitter, I may suddenly come across something on the internet that I want to keep and ‘PIN’ – there I go. Pinterest for me is the online equivalent to tearing an image out of a magazine and sticking it into my sketchbook!

Enjoy – oh and you follow me on Pinterest here:

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