I am hugely excited to announce the launch of my 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge – starting on 1st Jan 2018!

This has been something I have been thinking about running for several years, and finally I am so excited that I have put the plan together and am now taking registrations…

30 Day Sketchbook Challenge

The aim?

To help you to make drawing in your sketchbook a regular habit by challenging you to follow this 30 days of sketching prompts that arrive straight into your inbox (starting on 01 Jan 2018).

So What is a Sketchbook Challenge?

Put simply, it is a commitment to draw in your sketchbook for 30 days in a row. Whether you draw for 30 seconds, 30 minutes or even several hours, it doesn’t matter. Whether you are a beginner to drawing or a professional artist, it doesn’t matter. The aim is just to make drawing become a habit and part of your daily routine. I want to help you to fill your sketchbook, boost your creativity and get your drawing mojo back on top form. Plus it makes for a great New Year’s Resolution!

Who is the Sketchbook Challenge For?

The challenge is suitable for anyone who wants to give it a go… For example:

  • Beginners to drawing looking for some ideas of where to start
  • Art students
  • Professional artists needing some starting points for work
  • Printmakers on any of my online courses looking for ideas for prints
  • Anyone creative looking for a good New Year’s Resolution
  • Creative people just wanting a fun challenge
  • People with 5 minutes to spare and a blank sketchbook…
  • Anyone who just wants to draw a bit more!

How Does it Work?

Starting on 01 Jan 2018, I will email you once per day for 30 days, challenging you to pick up a pencil, pen or other drawing device and draw in your sketchbook. In the email I will give you a simple subject matter or prompt to work from. Some will be really simple and others maybe a word or more open-ended theme.

Take the prompt, open your sketchbook and get drawing.

You may find that some days you spend just a minute or two on a sketch – creating a loose sketch or rough doodle. Other days you may really get into a topic and work for longer or even do a few pages of drawings. You can use pencil, charcoal, pens, paints, biro, pastels, in fact any medium you want – the choice is entirely yours. All I ask is that you DRAW SOMETHING every day… Let’s build that regular daily drawing habit up and get creative.

How Do I Join in the Fun?

There are three simple steps to joining in the fun:

1. Join the Mailing List and Wait for the First Sketching Email (on 1st Jan 2018)

Click on the button below to register for the sketchbook challenge. You will receive a welcome email straight away explaining the next steps. Then on 01 Jan 2018 you will receive another email from me giving you a prompt for what to draw or work on. When this arrives simply open it up, read the contents and get sketching!

Join the challenge today!

Join the Sketchbook Challenge


2. Join the Facebook Group
The first email will prompt you to go and join the special Facebook group dedicated to everyone who is taking part in this challenge at the start of Jan. Here you will be able to share your daily work, chat with other challengers as well as myself and see what others are up to. It is essential that you join this group to get the full experience and support from the community of other budding sketchers!


3. Go buy a sketchbook!
And finally go and get yourself a shiny new sketchbook! Maybe buy some pencils, some pens, paints and crayons – whatever you need to get excited about this challenge – go buy it!

And that’s it!


Don’t forget to look out for our special hashtag and use this when sharing your work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: #30daysketchbook2018

What are People Saying Already…

A number of people have joined the challenge already, and are some of their reasons for joining in:

  • I just love art and being creative
  • I have wanted to start sketching more regularly and I hope this will help!
  • To make and commit more time to do art and to improve
  • To remind me to draw more
  • To help me start sketching again
  • I love to sketch and find it very therapeutic but life can be so hectic I forget to spend time on the things I love to do 🙂
  • Because I’m a full time painter but want to get back into the very good habit of using a sketchbook daily
  • To encourage myself to try drawing
  • Love an arty challenge…

So, Join In the Challenge and Sign Up Today…

So, why not p,p,p pick up a pencil and join me for this fun 30-day challenge? You only need 5 minutes per day to take part and it is completely FREE. This is just for fun!

Join the challenge today…

Join the Sketchbook Challenge


Who Am I?

Susan Yeates, PrintmakerMy name is Susan and if you don’t know already, I am a printmaking tutor and published author of two printmaking related books: Learning Linocut (an Amazon no.1 bestseller!) and Learn to Earn from Printmaking. There is a third on the way in 2018!

I set up my company ‘Magenta Sky’ in 2003, just after I left university as a part-time venture. It began as a way of selling my crafts and also teaching printmaking courses and workshops in various arts venues.

Since then I have expanded to teach more classes and workshops, including a unique online printmaking course ‘Introduction to Printmaking’. I now have a number of online printmaking courses including: Learning Linocut, Introduction to Woodcut, Learn Monoprinting, Introduction to Wood Engraving and How to Teach Craft Workshops.

All four of my books, online courses and my creative blog can be found on my website www.magenta-sky.com.

I have created this challenge ready for 2018 as I get lots of people in my courses that want to find new ways to get creative or start drawing regularly – and there is nothing better than a 30 day challenge! 🙂

I look forward to you joining this sketchbook challenge and seeing some fun, exciting and beautiful drawings in 2018.

Susan Yeates
Owner and Author, Magenta Sky

30 Day Sketchbook Challenge

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