At the start of the year, I spent a lot of time looking at Magenta Sky and having a good old planning session for the year. I was mainly thinking about all the things we offer already and trying to come up with some ideas for new things to trial and develop. I never like standing still for long!

As we have just reached the end of May I realised that although we collected your survey responses, analysed them and used them for our planning, we never shared the results with you…

Firstly, thank you to anyone who filled out our online survey as we value highly all of the feedback and comments we receive. Magenta Sky is gently shifting and changing from offering only printmaking courses and classes to offering a wider selection of art and crafts and also different ways of sharing this information. Our website is in constant development (new pages being added here and there), our social media network is growing (I’m a little addicted to Pinterest at the moment) and we are very busy designing projects and patterns for craft books (yes book’S’ not book… more are on the way!) All in all it is an exciting time and this is partly driven by the lovely people I come into contact with and your comments.

Survey Results – Overview

Survey results can be a little dry sometimes, so rather than list a whole load of questions and answers we will pull out some of the highlights:

Overall we were really pleased to hear that 95% of you rated our current classes and courses as good or very good. Thank you! We had some suggestions made for other venues to try and some lovely individual comments too.

The most popular subject that you wanted to see taught in our courses was linocut, which 76% of you voted for. Other popular subjects included woodcut, with 41% of you asking for this, and then other printmaking topics and crochet following after that.

One other little stat that was very pleasing was that 100% of you rated the Learning Linocut book at good or very good overall.

We asked a few questions about craft books too:  85% of you reported to buy books on compared to other places such as in book shops (30%), on an artist’s own website (42%) or on a kindle (11%). In general, the price that you would expect to pay for an art or craft book was £13-£15. The interest in what art and craft books you would like to see us write and publish was spread very evenly throughout the seven suggestions we made.

We also saw some demand for free craft guides (62% of you requested this) and longer courses, allowing you to get stuck into techniques and also get to know others on the courses.

What Next?
Well, we have already actioned some of the suggestions that were popular, such as the free resources and factsheets. For example we have placed on our website under the ‘Free Stuff’ tab, factsheets about printmaking techniques used in courses and have begun writing some on crochet techniques as well.

We are also well on the way to finishing the next book (Make Your Own Christmas Tree Decorations) and planning our Autumn courses schedule. We will keep you all informed. If you haven’t yet joined our mailing list please click on the newsletter tab and complete the form to be added to our email newsletter. Your details will not be passed to third parties.

Thank you once again to those that took part in the survey and we ALWAYS value feedback and comments received very highly. Feel free to email us any time with suggestions or course teaching requirements and we will endeavour to respond quickly!

We will keep you informed of more developments, changes and new books and courses as we progress through 2014.

Many thanks

Author and Owner
Magenta Sky

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