I am very excited to announce the launch of my partner programme!

As an online art educator I have always enjoyed sharing my art and crafts and creating more and more online course (in fact I can get a bit addicted to it). My main aim in life is to share art and creativity with as many people as possible. So with a little ‘proper work’ I have decided to launch this affiliate programme – which is in fact a way of rewarding all of you lovely people who already recommend my online art courses.

What is an Affiliate Programme?

An affiliate or partner programme is a way of rewarding people for recommending and referring people to my online courses. I know so many of you who have done a course with me that will then recommend it to a friend or relative and that person then also joins up.

So this programme is a way to financially reward people who promote and market my courses to others by providing a percentage of sales… and that percentage is 30%. Yes a whopping 30%!


How Does the Affiliate Programme Work?

It’s pretty simple!

1) The affiliate (that’s YOU) shares a unique link with your audience anywhere you’d like: newsletters, blog posts, social media, banners on your website, etc. This link points people to one of my online courses (delivered by a learning platform called CourseCraft – this is how my partner programme is managed).

2) The customer clicks on the unique link and is directed to one of my online courses or my NEW membership group Inspire.

3) The customer enrols on the course / membership.

4) The affiliate (YOU) receives 30% commission on the sale that was generated.

How Do I Join?

Rather than detail all the nitty gritty here I have created a separate PARTNERS PAGE of my website that you can access HERE. This details exactly how it works, what you have to do to get started and when you would get paid.

Want to Earn an Extra Income by Being a Partner?

So, if you are at home and love posting stuff on Facebook or have an audience that you know would LOVE my courses then this could be the perfect thing for you to get stuck into. This is great if you are are based at home and want to earn a little extra income through online marketing or anyone who is already mentioning what I do and wants a little reward for the time and effort in doing so.

I am also looking to work with a few select Priority Parters who can act as active sales and marketing people. These Priority Partners can earn up to 50% in course sales (based upon turnover and activity). Please email me for more information on becoming a Priority Partner.

So What Do I Teach?

To view my current Online Courses and exactly what I offer please CLICK HERE

Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to work with you as a partner.




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