Just a short blog today to say a BIG thank you to everyone that submitted photos and prints for the cover of my new book Learn to Earn from Printmaking (and yes, I have changed the title since I last wrote…!)

I was overwhelmed by the wonderful work sent through to me and had a bit of a challenge in choosing the final cover.

Cover_FB_postTo start with I took a good look through all the works submitted and then I asked a designer to come up with a few rough ideas for me from the images I had saved. From these initial concept designs I decided which style of image would work and selected four potential photos of the Double Elephant Print Studio by photographer Jim Wileman to work with. I felt that a photo of printmaking or someone working in a studio would really capture the essence of what the book aims to do – show people how to earn a living from printmaking.

I put these different variations of the cover out on Facebook and to friends and received lot of really useful comments on what image people preferred. There was quite a split in opinion, and some valid points raised, so in the end I went with both the majority and my gut instinct and chose the image of a lady working in a print studio.

And so cover complete here it is:


Learn to Earn from Printmaking is due for publication in January 2017 and there will be a book launch on Thursday 9th February at Ochre Print Studio in Guildford. More details coming soon…





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