Well after a few weeks in lockdown here in the UK, I have been busy creating art activities for my own little one and also sharing these with others (see my blog posts on crafts for kids).

Videos of Crafts for Kids!

I was asked last week by a good friend of mine that streams cooking live on Facebook (Food You Believe It) to create a 5 minute crafty video suitable for kids. The video was to be played during the cooking hour for kids , Thursdays at 11am,  as a fun activity they could then do after the cooking was complete… and so Craft for Kids is here! The video was filmed (with a little help from a special guest star) and shared last week. Today I finally got around to editing the video properly and uploading to YouTube for all to see!

So on this blog I share with you the first activity suitable for kids, along with accompanying video on YouTube and materials list – Found Object Printing!



Found Object Printing

Found object printing is basically finding something from around the house, dabbing paint onto it and printing onto paper. It’s great fun (and a little messy) and suitable for all ages. Here are a few examples of the pieces I created with my three year old for the video…


Materials Needed

– Paint or various colours
– Paper
– A paint pallets (or plate)
– A sponge

YouTube Video Demo

In the video below I demonstrate found object printing. Click on the image or link below to watch and enjoy then try yourself at home!

Craft for Kids – Found Object Printing.


Have fun with some found object printing.

More Craft for Kids videos to come…

Cooking for Kids…

To see the cookery videos for kids from FoodYouBelieve it Click here

Note for parents: Please be aware that there are also cookery videos for ADULTS ONLY on this Facebook Page. Please look for the ‘Cooking in the KIDchen‘ Facebook lives for child-appropriate cookery!


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