Hello again and welcome to another session of crafts for kids.

The weather here in the UK has been pretty good during April and so we were looking for fun games and things to do with our three-year-old outside! We thought a game of skittles would be fun but clearly didn’t have a set.. so today’s craft project came about. It’s also a fab way to re-use some of that plastic that we end up throwing in the recycling.

Let’s make a set of outdoor skittles to play with the family using empty milk cartons!

Please watch the video to find out exactly how to do this and then the materials list is below. Have fun and please do share the images of your finished creations!

Video Tutorial – Milk Bottle Skittles

Tools and Materials

  • Empty milk cartons (x10 for a full set of skittles) – make sure these are washed and dried before you start
  • Acrylic paint
  • A few stones
  • Paintbrushes

Have fun making these and I cannot wait to see what you get up to…


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