I sat down in front of my laptop last week to think about doing some work and ‘ping’ a little email popped up in my inbox…

The email had flown it’s way to me all the way from Canada and read as follows:

Submitted Information:
Name: Jacques Thibault
Comment: Your book LEARNING LINOCUT is by far the best book on the subject. It’s like holding a little treasure in your hand. One of a kind, clear, stimulating. Merci beaucoup Susan Yeates! Jacques Thibault, Québeck.

Well – that just made my day!

My book ‘Learning Linocut’ was launched last year and has been selling globally online at www.amazon.com, www.amazon.co.uk as well as my own website steadily since. More recently this year we have also launched on www.amazon.au!

The book Learning Linocut takes the reader on a comprehensive tour of the whole creative process, from generating ideas and setting up a studio space to cutting techniques, mark-making and printing a lino block. The book also covers techniques for multiple-coloured linocuts including the reduction technique, the key-block system and experimental linocutting. If you haven’t already ordered your copy, you can do so online using our shop here on the website (UK delivery only)!

Other global reviews have included:

02.08.11 – “I have recently bought and read your book “Learning Linocut” and I wanted to say how inspirational I have found it. Before reading the book I had done my first linocut and since then have been trawling round the internet for more information which is no longer necessary as you cover all the things I want to know about and more. Again many thanks for a great book. A bientot from rural France!!” N.W, France, Aug, 2011

As well as a review in ‘Printmaking Today’ magazine in 2011.

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