Free creativity resources

I have a number of free creativity resources, including ebooks, mini courses, and sketchbook challenges. Read on to find out more…

FREE ebook – The Ultimate Guide to Creative Living

Staying inspired is one of the foundations of living a creative life… and a creative life brings me so much joy! This guide shows you the things I do personally to tend to my creativity on a regular basis, sparking ideas, getting me out of artistic blocks and increasing my artistic output.

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Get Inspired – 5 Days of Creativity Boosting Exercises!

This FREE mini-course with Susan is the perfect way to boost your creativity over a 5-day period. Each day you will receive a brand new creative exercise that will help to unleash your creativity… plus a little smattering of inspiration and ideas as well. This course is perfect for beginners to drawing, for anyone stuck in a creative rut, for 30-day sketchbook challengers and for anyone that wants a really exciting 5-day focus on boosting their creativity! Join at any time…

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Introduction to Drawing 3D Shapes

This FREE mini-course with Susan shows you exactly how to draw some of the most important and basic 3D shapes – cubes, spheres, cylinders and cones. The course is broken down into several bite-sized modules and includes photos and step-by-step videos of the stages to drawing realistic 3D shapes as well as explanatory videos. Great for beginners to drawing or those needing a little refresher.

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Free Linocut ebooks

Learn all about Linocut in these two PDF factsheets.

‘Introduction to Linocut’ and ‘Essential Linocut Tools’ – these fact-packed PDFs will give you all the basic info you need to learn linocutting from home!

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30-Day Sketchbook Challenge

Suitable for the whole family – the ‘At Home in April’ 30-Day Sketchbook Challenge is a commitment to sketch, draw or do something creative for all 30 days of April. Each day there is a new sketching prompt for you to respond to. Whether you draw for 30 seconds, 30 minutes or even several hours, it doesn’t matter. Beginners are welcome and the aim is just to make sketching and creativity a fun part of your day that you all look forward to as the month goes past. This challenge ran from 01-30 April 2020 but you can start at any time following the prompts on my website. Click the button to find out more. The next LIVE challenge starts 01 Jan 2021.

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Free Mindful Drawing Exercise

When you sign up here you will receive a FREE mindful drawing exercise straight to your inbox. Perfect to relax the mind, build creativity, enjoy drawing again and reconnect to life. In the email, you will receive written instructions plus two helpful videos to guide you through exactly how to carry out the technique including two variations and details of what materials you will need. These videos are a great starting point for mindful drawing if you have never done any drawing before or want a really simple entry point into doodling in your sketchbook.

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Sketching tutorials

On the blog I have a range of sketching tutorials, from step-by-step instructions on drawing cubes and shading cubes, using the technique of ‘close your eyes’ drawing, tips on mindful drawing and how to draw a mandala. Plus lots of other handy tutorials for things to do in your sketchbooks when you need some creative inspiration.

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Crafts for kids

If you’re looking for crafts for your kids I have tutorials on things to do at home with just a few simple materials. We have some fun makes including egg box jellyfish, button pictures, milk bottle skittles, kindness rocks (happy stones) and much more.

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