Wow – what a productive and fantastic Woodcut Workshop we had last Saturday at Cranleigh Arts Centre!

“Very well planned with ample tme to cary out the two woodcuts / printing. Good numbers / easy instructions. Thank you!!” Sue Barrett, Oct 2012.

GROUPStarting at 12.30pm and working right on through till 4.30pm the group of 12 students worked with me to produce a selection of sampler blocks and finished woodcut prints. As ususal with my workshops we started with an explanation of what woodcut is – a form of relief printing where we cut into the side plank of wood i.e. along the grain, using cutting tools such as u-gouges or v-tools. Then we looked at some sample work from previous student and in books. Then after a demonstration of how to use the tools everyone worked on a sampler block – trying out the tools and just making marks to get used to handing the wood and the cutting technique.

“Very enjoyable afternoon. Excellent instruction and wonderful results. Many thanks Sue!” M, Taylor, Oct 2012.

Then after printing these samplers, work began on the final prints. Everyone worked with a 10cmx15cm sized image. Firstly we worked through transferring the image onto the block and each person then carved out their image. A little proofing and a lot of burnishing and the work was complete!!

Group_Working_1  Group_Working_2

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Thank you!


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