Hello again and it’s time for another sneaky peek into the studio this week.

As I reflect back, it has been another busy one with a real mixture of things going on. We celebrated 75 years of VE Day, I’ve been busy working on linocuts, sketches and sewing and balancing life at home in lockdown still.

Sewing and VE Day

This week I have been a busy bee in the sewing section on my studio. I finished off a lovely dress called Kitty (pattern from Sew Over It) in a white stretch palm / floral print fabric. She has been in my sewing projects cupboard for a while as I knew she was going to end up a little small! Kitty was all ready for the VE Day celebrations on Friday 8th May. We had a socially distanced high tea on the front drive along with the best china, home-made bunting (quickly rustled up that morning), high heel shoes that I can’t walk in and of course scones, jam and Prosecco. After 30 mins I’m afraid Kitty had to go back to the wardrobe as she is really a standing room only dress!!



Inspire Has Begun

This week I launched the Inspire page of my website. This has been a massive project over the last year to get to the point where I am ready to show the world this creative membership. The idea for Inspire came from the sketchbook challenge that I started in 2018. I wanted a way to connect with creative people on a deeper level each month and rather than just a 30 day journey that I run once per year and then leave.

Inspire is an ongoing monthly creativity journey – I get to connect with people on a deeper level and share inspiration, art tutorials and creativity regularly. So this week after much video editing, uploading, copywriting, planning and web editing (with help from a lovely friend Natalie!) we clicked launch on the webpage!

View the page here: www.magenta-sky.com/inspire

If you want to see inside the studio and find out exactly what Inspire is (my description above was pretty vague!) just watch the shorty video below:

My project in the coming days is to film and edit all the videos for the actual membership site itself. I have an introductory section to complete as well as the tutorials and inspiration for June 2020. Exciting stuff!

I can’t wait to open up  the studio doors even more to the select few that join the membership.

Face Masks and Scrap Busting!

With a lovely new home studio for my business, comes the realisation that I own FAR too much fabric and wool. So my mission this week has been clearing out and scrap-busting! I have bunting on the go, a memory quilt for my daughter (made from her baby clothes) and cotton face masks. I am also searching online for projects that use up small amounts of fabric – so far I have head bands and pants! Can you suggest any other great scrap-busters?


My cotton face-masks are available for sale if anyone wants one – just £8 each including delivery in the UK. They are double layered, surgical style with either elastic or fabric ties. There is a pocket to add a filter layer if needed as well. Just email info@magenta-sky.com if you would like to place an order or find out more.

Linocut Florals

Well, I haven’t done any more printing this week, but tracing from sketchbooks and cutting lino blocks has been steady. I’ve mainly been looking at floral motifs as this is what I have been drawing a lot of recently. It might be to do with the new garden and the sunny weather – I often find that the things around me and the time of year really inspire me and influence my sketching and arty activities!

What are you drawing at the moment?



Pattern Design

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you may have seen every now and again that I have been playing with surface pattern design. This is basically creating designs to go on different surfaces, for example, fabric, wallpaper, stationery and wrapping paper. I have enjoyed, very slowly, over the past few months learning the process of manipulating my sketches, paintings and linocuts in illustrator and turning them into patterns. It’s a fun work-in progress at the moment, but here are a few of the little patterns I have been playing with for you to enjoy.  Any feedback is always welcomed! I am hoping to add a portfolio section to my website in May to display all my work – this has been on my to-do list for about a year! Anyone else procrastinate on these rather serious / work-like tasks? I’d definitely rather spend my days drawing flowers and cutting lino!

Have a fabulous week everyone. Stay safe (and stay alert!!) and see you soon.



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