Hi all and welcome to the third visit to my home studio.

It’s been a strange time as we look towards coming out of lockdown. For me the impact is that I still remain at home with family, my pottery cafe is shut for the foreseeable future (apart from our takeaway baskets that restart in June), and my work as an artist and teacher is full-steam ahead. The weather has again been wonderful and I have enjoyed some lovely walks and socially distanced excursions out to the local woods.

I have had a busy week but most of it actually focussed on admin and marketing – a rather necessary part of any creative business. Some of this I love and enjoy and other parts confuse and bore me in equal measures. I’ve been cleansing mailing lists, writing blog posts and scheduling social media. But that’s not the fun stuff that I want to share with you. That comes next…

Inspire Filming – Behind The Scenes

Most of the time in my studio this week has been scripting, filming and editing the June content for my new membership group Inspire that launches on 01 June. I don’t know how many of you have created an online course before but this process for me is a familiar one and one that I actually get rather excited about. My process starts with planning and thinking – devising a clear structure, breaking it down into bite-sized pieces and then creating scripts or bullet points from which I film my videos.

The difference with Inspire compared to a stand-alone online art course is that I have a really clear structure, a home studio that is set up for filming and an enthusiasm to know that I will be sharing content that really excites me and hopefully inspires others. Plus – I will be making videos for the same group pf people on a monthly basis – building week upon week. I feel like I am really opening the doors to my studio and letting people see the crazy-fun art that I get I up to and my thoughts on being creative. If I was to risk being super-positive (which I will) – I have really found my flow and my happy place at the moment.

I can’t reveal the exact content of the first month of the membership but I can say that there has been several art tutorials and exercises, a book review, an exciting project to get stuck into, a number of introduction videos and some videos where I have a cup of tea and chat all things creative (how very English!)

I am loving this process so far and although editing and uploading videos can be a little tedious, coming up with new things to talk about is never-ending. For me, the difficulty is knowing where to stop and making sure that what I create is exactly what people want to learn about.

There is also a very funny collection of outtakes or bloopers from these videos that if I feel brave enough I will share with everyone soon!!

Very exciting times. Head on over to the Inspire page of my website to find out more about the membership and what it is all about.

Gathering and Photos

As I have been mainly focussing on admin, course creation and business this week, I have actually had little time for my own art. However, it is important to stress that I always keep up some form of sketching and drawing practice and was inspired a LOT by leaves and florals this week.

To start with, I’ve taken loads of photos of flowers and leaves on my explorations into the woods and my observing my own garden as it blooms and changes every day. For me, I often go in phases with my creative work – sometimes it’s a ‘gather’ or ‘find inspiration’ phase, and sometimes an ‘output’ or ‘creation’ phase. This week was all about the gathering. I have been taking loads of photos of flowers in full bloom and adding them to a special Inspiration folder I have on my phone. There are several I have taken of leaves as well that I will actually be sharing as part of the Inspire membership too.

I have printed from the leaves for my Craft for Kids blog, and been mentally working on ideas and creative thoughts ready for when I have my next drawing / sketching and output phase.

I have also been collecting ‘stuff’ – fabric scraps, magazine cuttings, random images and greetings cards and storing them all in one place (my inspiration box) for use later on. This gathering phase is a rather fun but all important part of my own creative process.

Watercolour Sketches and Florals

I had a few rather lovely sessions of sketching and drawing this week. In one session I carried out some simple pencil sketching from photos of roses from my garden. Plus another where both myself and my daughter were painting in the studio together – it was waaaaay too hot outside so we came in for a painting session. I went for loose watercolour florals based upon some of the photos I had taken in the week and she went for watercolour play. We sat together for about an hour and both got in the zone. Considering she is three this was a BIG win for team mummy. I started by looking at some of the photos I had taken of some pink and red roses and also some pencil sketches I had done a few weeks ago. And then I picked a few bright reds and pinks and began experimenting with rose-like forms using the paint. I kept it loose and free and soon moved onto blue and my current favourite colour – Indigo. I carried on for about 4-5 pages of florals and only had to stop when I ran out of sketchbooks and needed some to dry!

I hope you have had a wonderful week of creating and will see you soon for another update in the studio.

Do let me know what’s you have been up to!



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