Hi all and I hope you are well. I have a few things to share today – a list of materials and tools I use, some floral paintings, botanical photos, news about my fabric for sale and re-opening of the pottery cafe.

It has been a few weeks since I last opened the doors into my studio – I literally don’t know where the time has gone!

Pottery Studio Re-Opens

Actually, I have a pretty good idea where the time has gone… I have been out and about again in my other studio down the road in Woking – Fired Frog Pottery Cafe. We opened our doors again for the first time on 6th July 2020 for pottery painting to customers. So I am now splitting my time between the home studio and the pottery studio (as well as the the most challenging job of all – motherhood!) It has been so lovely to reconnect with other creative people face-to-face and just talk arty creative stuff. To watch everyone get a little joy out of painting pottery has been so uplifting over the past few weeks. If you are local to me and fancy putting your marks on some unique pottery then take a look here: www.firedfrogpottery.co.uk 

Fabric Now Available

This is quite exciting!! As I mentioned in my last few blogs – I have now loaded a number of my fabric designs onto a website called Fashion Formula. This means you can buy a Susan Yeates design on all sorts of fabric and homeware items such as cushions, tea-towels and aprons. I shared a few images in Episode 5 of In the Studio with Susan and I was very honoured to be chosen as their July 2020 ‘Designer of the Month’, where I shared information all about my fabric design process and things that Inspire me.

You can read the full article here:


You can see the fabric designs I have for sale here:


What Else Have I Been Up to?

With a few places near us starting to open I have actually been out of the house a few times to venues such as RHS Wisley (a beautiful gardens near Guildford) and some garden centres. This meant that I got my camera out (i.e. my phone) and have taken a few lovely snaps of flowers and plants. These have been just so beautiful – the sunshine and rain here have been a fabulous combination and I have been enjoying the colour and shapes. I seem to be a on a bit of a floral theme at the moment and these flower pictures are filling up my phone just as flower and leaf sketches and paintings have been filling up my sketchbooks. Here are some of the wonderful flowers I have seen recently just for you to enjoy:

Florals in Sketchbooks

As I said above, it has all been a bit floral recently.  I have mainly been sketching and using watercolours to depict leaves and flowers. I have experimented with a few different styles and have bought a few more books and paints. Here are some photos of my sketchbook pages:

Don’t forget that if you follow my on Instagram I share a few more of my sketchbook pages and ongoing protects:


Tools and Materials List

Here is a list of the tools and materials I have been using recently as I have had a few people ask:

1. Watercolours – My main set of watercolour paints are a Windsor and Newton professional palette of 24. I have added a few extra 5ml tubes (there is a picture above of my recent purchases) and also use the Dr PH Martins Watercolour Inks to supplement a few colours (my favourites I use all the time are Wild Rose and Chartreusse). My all time favourite colour that I seem to use all the time For watercolour is Indigo.

2. Sketchbooks – I use the Moleskin hardback watercolour sketchbooks for watercolour sketches – I have three different sizes depending on what I am working on. This also allows me to work on more that one project in a session (as I am super-impatient waiting for things to dry). I also use some 250gsm mixed media sketchbooks from Hobbycraft that are great for experimenting and practice pieces. I also have a pocket size moleskin sketchbook for portable doodles and a hardback A4 sketchbook from Seawhites that I use for bigger drawings and designs. These are my favourites at the moment, but I have a huge selection ready and waiting for use!

3. Acrylics – I have used a little acrylic paint recently and stick with the System3 Acrylics as I used to use these all the time when screenprinting at university. Strangely there is something comforting and familiar about the smell of these paints that takes me right back to studenty arty times!

4. Paintbrushes – I have a number of cheap brushes that I have picked up over the years but for watercolours I have a mixture of Daley and Rowney watercolour brushes, Cass Art sable brushes and ProArte. I love a size 2/0, 2 and 4 but do have much larger selection that I use regularly.

I think I might expand this list into a full blog article soon with better descriptions / links to my favourite items. But for now have a fabulous week or so, and catch up soon.

Please feel free to share your ongoing projects and your favourite tools and materials.


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