Hi all, and a huge welcome to my studio.

Life in August

I tend to take life a little easier in August and spend the time planning and working on my business strategy as well as taking time out with the family over the summer. It has been a strange summer here with the effects of Covid-19 and lockdown meaning that I can’t get out as much as I would usually, and then we have also had some stupidly hot weather. As a typical English Rose I wilt in the heat rather than bloom… I’ve been hiding away in the shade for the last week or so.

So in this episode I decided to film my ‘In the Studio with Susan’ blog as a video rather than a written article just as something different (I believe it‘s called a vlog!) It means you can grab a cuppa, sit back and watch what I‘ve been up to recently.

Episode 7 Includes:

– My recent art book purchases and recommendations
– My new gouache paints and watercolour sketches (I open up my sketchbooks!)
– How I’ve been working on the iPad in Adobe Fresco
– Did you catch my latest two Skillshare classes?
– What is coming up from me in August and September
– A big birthday on the horizon… (and some special discounts related to this!!)

In the Studio with Susan – Eposide 7 Video Blog (vlog)

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