Are you interested in woodcutting? Have you tried it in a workshop but want a handy reminder of what the process is?

woodcut_sampleWell, today I have just launched a handy FREE factsheet explaining what woodcut is, what tools and materials you need and how to create a simple one-colour woodcut print.

Woodcut is a relief printing process that I teach very regularly in classes and workshops and great for both beginners to printmaking as well as experienced artists. Essentially you take a flat piece of wood, carve into it using sharp carving tools and then ink it up to print onto paper. For a brief introduction to what woodcut is read my introductory article here.

This factsheet that I regularly hand out at classes and workshops has been expanded and redesigned (I have a lovely designer that helps me) and converted into a PDF so that you can download it for free from my shop here on the Magenta Sky website. Read it on your computer or print it out – it’s up to you!

To get you FREE copy of my Introduction to Woodcut Factsheet please click on the link below to visit the shop…


Thanks and enjoy!


P.S – Don’t forget that there are a few more FREE factsheets all about printmaking in the shop – so have a browse whilst you are there!

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