Towards the end of last year I came to realise that my little Magenta Sky website was looking a little bit tired and in need of a renovation. I have had the business since 2003 and both the business and the website have grown with me, which for a creative person like myself means that I pick up new projects and try new things on a regular basis! Organic, creative growth doesn’t always make for a tidy website!

Website_grabSo, building a website is always the sort of task I try to shy away from i.e. technology-based ones! I have tried around three times over the last year to rebuild the website, but in each instance given up with the sheer amount of work involved. Finally in April 2016, and with the guidance of a lovely lady Alison Wood from Cartwheels Across The Sky, I have rebuilt and re-launched the website. So here it is! Please be gentle with it as I am fully expecting the odd glitch or two and please enjoy!

A Printmaking Blog

original_print_exhibition_2The website is now a little more blog-like in its structure and it means I can update the site with printmaking workshop details, handy articles and information on a more regular basis. I can also categorise all these articles so that anyone visiting can click on the category they are interested in and see what is there. (Check out the category links to the right!) You may also notice that I have refocused the site to be purely printmaking-based as that is my original passion, what I trained in at university and what I continue to teach at workshops or online. All my other creative pursuits, of which there are many, will move elsewhere over the coming months (watch out for a new crochet blog!)

So over the next few months I will be coming up with loads of lovely articles to start sharing and I am hoping to do this a little more regularly than I have done over the past year. I will be sharing interviews with printmakers, listing printmaking exhibitions, showing some of my own work in progress (which I usually keep quite private), discuss ways of generating ideas, review good books and also answer some FAQs for students new to printmaking.

Printmaking Shop, Courses and FREE Downloads

shopOn the new website I have also created a little shop. It’s little because there are just a few products on there so far. My Learning Linocut book, our relief printing press and also a few free factsheets. Also on the website you will find details of forthcoming print workshops and also details of our Introduction to Printmaking online distance learning course. If you want to find out more about printmaking then we have a section for that too!

Join in With Me!

indexIf you would like to join in and participate in my printmaking blog, I am seeking guest blog posts on anything printmaking-related, e.g. printmaker interviews, work in progress, useful links, exhibitions, opportunities or things that anyone fascinated in printmaking would like to see! Equally, if you run a printmaking studio and would like your studio featured on the blog then just email me and we can contact you for an interview! Anything related to printmaking that you want to say – I’m your gal! Please contact me via the contact page here.

Exciting times for me and for my printmaking blog…

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