This week on our Craft for Kids feature we look at leaf printing. We have been on lots of adventure in the woods over the past week – collecting leaves, looking for the Gruffalo and hunting for treasure. So we decided to have some arty fun with all the lovely leaves we have collected.

Adventures With Leaves

To get started with this task you need to find lots of lovely leaves. We grabbed a small basket and went for a long walk – picking lots of different leaves from the woods and looking on the floor for ones that had dropped already. We searched for leaves of different shapes, sizes and colours. We also looked around our own garden for more to see what we had close by. Some of them we also scanned in using my phone to an app called ‘Candide’ to identify exactly what tree or plant they come from!

What You Need

– A selection of leaves
– Poster paint
– Paper
– Paintbrushes and sponges
– Paint palette (or somewhere to put the paint)

Video – Leaf Printing

Here is the demonstration video on printing with leaves – have fun!

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