Nanny S-A, Illustrator and Designer – Check out the Website and Blog!

Along my travels in Surrey, I came across Sarah-Anne; or ‘Nanny S-A’ as her website and blog describes her!

NannySA_SiteI always find it fascinating to meet other creative people and see what they get up to. So as a first “Featured Artist” listed on my News pages; meet Nanny S-A!

“HELLO AND WELCOME! I’m Nanny S-A, an Illustrator, Designer and Writer who has been working in the design industry for six years. I try to create whatever is in my head and heart; this often results in far too much on a page and/or a lot of crazy spilling out but I kind of like it that way. My friends call me ‘Nanny’ as I can’t handle late nights and am partial to sherry, but I also like to think it is because I enjoy story writing like some crazy old Nana or Mother Goose character. Hope you enjoy!”

I have had a good look around the website and blog and there are some fantastic illustrations to view; some free downloads; designs available for licensing; interesting discussions and much, much more….

Check out her website here:

TV Dinner  Can do

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