The 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge 2020

Here is a full recap of the prompts and the emails of the Jan 2020 30-Day Sketchbook Challenge. Feel free to work through this in your own time and at your own pace. The links click through to the email campaigns sent out relevant to that day.

Please note that the sketchbook challenge is completely free for those that want it to be. See below about my new ‘pay-what-you-want’ system that I have introduced in 2020…

Enjoy the challenge



Full challenge list below:

Day 1: Spots and Dots –

Day 2: Bottles –

Day 3: Butterfiles and Moths –

Day 4: Toys and Ganes –

Day 5: Garden Tools –

Day 6: Clothes –

Day 7: money, money, money –

Day 8: These are a Few of My Favourite Things –

Day 9: Musical Instruments –

Day 10: Yellow –

Day 11: Symbols and Signs –

Day 12: Twelve –

Day 13: Windows –

Day 14: Something beginning with F –

Day 15: Something that floats –

Day 16: Something that smells good –

Day 17: something that smells bad –

Day 18: Supermarket –

Day 19: Technology –

Day 20: The Four Seasons –

Day 21: Reflections –

Day 22: Cartoons –

Day 23: Your Hobbies –

Day 24: The Zoo –

Day 25: Famous People –

Day 26: Fairies and Goblins –

Day 27:  Weird Science –

Day 28: Your Favourite Place –

Day 29: Films –

Day 30: Goals –

Day 31: 


The main aim is to make drawing and sketching a REGULAR HABIT and boost your creativity. Please do not to share work that you have done previously that happens to fit the prompt or is very nice! Sketches created especially for this challenge is what this is about. If you struggle to sketch one day, just miss it out or catch up the next day.

Any queries please message me or email

Please use the hashtag  #30daysketchbookchallenge when sharing your work publicly on social media.

POSITIVITY – Please be really positive and supportive when you post your work on social media or on the dedicated Facebook Group. That includes positive comments on other peoples work, producing drawings that are not offensive, making positive comments about the challenge itself and the prompts and also being positive about your own work.

Want to Carry On Your Sketching Practice After the Challenge Has Finished? 

If you enjoyed the challenge and could like to build up a daily sketching practice throughout 2020 then take a look at my online art course: Build A Daily Sketching Habit.

This online art course helps you to make sketching and drawing a regular habit. Susan will show you the techniques she uses herself to stay motivated, she will open up the pages of her own sketchbooks for exploration, and discuss some important concepts and themes essential to a regular art practice. Learn from an Amazon no.1 bestselling author, host of the 30-day sketchbook challenge and all-round creative as she delves into some exciting ways (and WHYs) to get sketching!

As a sketchbook challenger you get a 20% discount on the full course price of £30. Use code SKETCH20 to get your discount.

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Did You Enjoy the Challenge? ** Pay What You Want System **

This is the third year of the 30 day sketchbook challenge and I have loved every moment. However, I have also realised that this challenge takes over my whole January!

There is a lot of work involved in creating the prompts, managing messages and emails, designing and sending the daily emails, running the Facebook Group, recording videos and preparing all the artwork. Oh – and I do this 100% on my own on top of running a pottery cafe and attempting to look after a headstrong toddler.

With this in mind, although I always aim to offer the sketchbook challenge for FREE and for the love of it, I have realised that to make the challenge sustainable for years to come I will need to think about charging a small nominal amount for it.

So… I have decided on a pay-what-you-want structure. Unconventional I know, but this simply means that the challenge is free for anyone that doesn’t want to or cannot afford to pay, but for those who have enjoyed and gained from it, you can make a donation or contribution. This money will go towards the costs of the challenge, and 10% of all income from the sketchbook challenge will go to the charity MIND. Mind is a charity concerned with mental health and I really believe that art and creative activities have a huge power to support and assist people who are looking to improve their mental wellness.

If you enjoyed the challenge, then I politely suggest that you donate a small something to show your appreciation and so that I can run it again next year. Please click on the donate button below to choose what you want to pay. Just as an indicator, and after plenty of research, if I were to charge for this the challenge the cost would be £4.99 per person. But I also won’t be offended if you pay just 99p or even value the challenge higher!

Click on the PayPal button below to donate.