During April 2020 I am running a special ‘At Home in April’ 30 Day sketchbook Challenge.

This page lists all of the challenge prompts and the accompanying videos so that you can join in and follow the 30 days in your own time… The videos can also be found on my YouTube Channel HERE. 

Full information about the challenge can be found here. 

Have fun!


About The Challenge

The ‘At Home in April’ 30-Day Sketchbook Challenge is a commitment to sketch, draw or do something creative for all 30 days of April. Each day I will email (and post in the Facebook group) a sketching prompt for you to respond to. Whether you draw for 30 seconds, 30 minutes or even several hours, it doesn’t matter. Whether you are a beginner to drawing, a stay-at-home family or even a professional artist, it doesn’t matter. The aim is just to make sketching and creativity a fun part of your day that you all look forward to as the month goes past.

The Challenge Prompts

Day 1: Draw Around Something

Day 2: 10 Leaves (Watch the Video for Full Explanation)

Day 3: Pattern From Your Clothes

Day 4: Round Stuff – Circles and Spheres

Day 5: Animals

Day 6: Bits and Bobs

Day 7: Design a Snowflake

Day 8: Found Object Printing

(Two videos here: the main challenge video and then a longer explanation video.) View my blog on Found Object Printing Here

Day 9: Reading / Books

Day 10: Outside Your Back Door

Day 11: Something Beginning with T

Day 12: Something Orange

Day 13: Sweets, Snacks and Chocolate

Day 14: Family

Day 15: Famous Painting

Day 16: Close Your Eyes

For Day 16 there is the usual introduction video plus a blog article and a full tutorial on YouTube. Please see the resources below:

Demonstration Video

Blog Article 

Close Your Eyes – Demonstration Video

Day 17: Spring

Day 18: Toys and Games

Day 19: Phones

Day 20: Fruit and Veg

Day 21: The Bathroom

Day 22: What’s On TV

Day 23: Fairytales

Day 24: Transport and Travel

Day 25: Inspired by Music

Day 26: Flowers

Day 27: Boxes and Bags

Day 28: Pencils, Pens and Paintbrushes

Day 29: Parts of the Body

Day 30: Gratitude, Happiness and Positivity


Final Word from Me!


Thank you for taking part.
Thank you for all your lovely sketches (whether you did 1 or all 30).
Thank you for being so positive towards the challenge and each other.
Thank you for all the lovely messages I have received over the past few days.
Thank you for inspiring me right back during April.

Take care of yourselves and please keep sketching and smiling and staying safe.
Don’t forget that I have lots of FREE stuff available for you to enjoy including the two FREE mini courses listed here: