The Complete Home Study Course in Printmaking – Learn Online From The Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Online Distance Learning

IPT_Image_SMLIntroduction to Printmaking is a complete distance learning programme based upon our popular printmaking workshops and classes. Perfect for those of you who cannot make it to our live courses.

Studying That Fits Around You

The course is an excellent introduction to the art of printmaking for artists of all levels of experience and allows you to develop your skill and ideas through structured projects, all in the comfort of your own home.

Plenty of Printmaking!

We introduce a wide variety of subjects including monoprint, collograph, woodcut, linocut, drypoint, engraving and screenprinting. Plus we have included lots of tips, help on generating ideas and optional assessments.


Flexible Tuition and Support

11037356_870427676354875_2037511316821902651_o-1024x765Join Susan Yeates, an experienced tutor from Magenta Sky, for this unique and popular printmaking course that has introduced students from all over the world to creating original prints. The course allows each student to develop at their own pace and is carefully designed to allow you to study whenever you want and from the comfort of your own home.

Enrol Today for Instant Access to Course Materials and Videos

By enrolling on the course today, you gain instant access to the online learning portal where you will find all of your course materials and guidance. This flagship Introduction to Printmaking distance learning course can be enrolled on at any time of year and will get you producing amazing prints in no time at all. No entry requirements!

cutting_linoPractical Demo Videos Combined With Written Instructions

This online course in printmaking blends our traditional written instruction manual (now downloadable as PDFs) with brand new demonstration videos of every technique. There is also a private student support group on Facebook where you can share your work and experiences with other students. Plus plenty of tips, resources, optional assessments and added extras!


A Practical Printmaking Course!

Based on ‘live’ printmaking class and workshops delivered by Susan Yeates of Magenta Sky, our flagship Introduction to Printmaking course is the perfect first step to explore printmaking for the first time or to expand on existing skills.

We have been delivering this course to students across the UK for over 7 years in the form of a hard copy manual, and after months of development (and a little hard work!) have listened to student feedback and moved online!

What is Printmaking?

1GPrintmaking is essentially the process of creating an original ‘print’, by transferring an impression from one surface to another. It is not a direct process such as drawing or painting but any method that allows an artist to create an image in one place that is then transferred to another.

Printmaking is an exciting art form which at Magenta Sky we are very passionate about. The printmaking lessons that we teach on the course combine both methodical precision with expansive room for creativity.

There are 4 main categories that the various forms of printmaking fall into – Relief (lino/woodcut, wood engraving), Intaglio (etching, drypoint, mezzotint), Stencil Based (screenprinting) and Planographic (lithography). Please read on to find out which techniques we cover on this course i.e. can be studied at home.

Who Is This Course For?

cards2This course is aimed at anyone looking to find out more about printmaking. Whether you studied it many years ago at school and want to re-spark your creativity or whether you attended a short workshop and want a more in-depth learning experience then the course will suit. This is also a great supplement for art students studying a generic fine art course, or artists looking to experiment with new techniques and bring this into their work. Also great if you want to make hand printed cards and gifts to give to friends and family.

We accept students from all across the world, and as long as you have access to the internet, you can study whenever you want and wherever you want. We have no entry requirements and do not ask that you start at a particular time of the year – start when you want to!

Course Contents

This introductory module welcomes you to the course, explaining who we are, what printmaking is and a brief history. We also explain here the how the course works.
S1_Cutting_Tools_CircleModule 1 – Studio Space and Materials
Before starting your work, we will discuss here setting aside some space in your home (or similar) to create your own studio space. We also talk about materials and what you will need to start printmaking.
Module 2 – Drawing for Print, Research and Study
This module helps you to start gathering ideas, drawings and lots of research so that you have subject matter to work with for the following technique-based modules.
Module 3 – Monoprinting 1
Monoprinting is a fairly simple technique that involves rolling out or drawing with ink on to a printing surface/plate and creating a mark in several ways.
Module 4 – Monoprinting 2
This second module on monoprinting explores it just a little further. It can be a very painterly and free way of printing and if you have previous experience of painting this technique may suit your style of working.
2AModule 5 – Collograph and Found Object Printing
This printmaking technique uses collage and found objects to create and print very textural and free prints. Collograph (collage prints) are simple relief prints created from printing from a collage block.
Module 6 – Linocut
Linocut is a form of relief printing that uses linoleum as the printing block (a composite flooring material made from cork and linseed oil with a hessian backing). This is then cut into using v tools or gouges to create an image.
Module 7 – Woodcut
Woodcut is another relief printing technique that is created from cutting out areas of a printing block to produce a design. The method is a negative one and the final image will always be a mirror image of the cut block.
Module 8 – Advanced Relief Printing
Building on the previous two modules, module 8 explains printing using more than one colour including using the reduction technique and the ‘key block’ system.
IMG_4341Module 9 – Experimental Relief Printing
Experimenting and developing relief printing further including different materials for the block, stencils and incorporating monoprint.
Module 10 – Drypoint
A simple intaglio form of printing that can be printed by hand. This is a very linear printmaking method which the course explores using simple perspex sheets to draw into.
Module 11 – Screen Printing
The course explores 3 different simple methods to create stencils for use with screenprinting, including found objects, paper stencils and hand-painted stencils.
Module 12 – Wood Engraving
Wood engraving is our new module for 2015. Here we show you how to carry out wood engraving into small blocks of endgrain wood.
FramingModule 13 – Presenting Your Prints and What’s Next?
After all the technique modules we conclude the course by explaining some other techniques not explored in the course and show you where you could go next to develop your printmaking skills.
Reading List and Ebook
We also throw in several bonus features such as a detailed reading list and our e-book ‘Profit from Printmaking’. Don’t forget also our online Facebook support group to network with other students, get feedback and share ideas.

Why Study With Us?

  • Start immediately – No entry requirements
  • Optional assessment – Certificate on completion of course
  • Study at your own pace – 13 modules
  • Developed from successful printmaking classes and our most popular lesson plans
  • Tried and tested course since 2007
  • 250 page course manual (PDF downloads)
  • Clear step-by-step instructions including colour photographs of all techniques covered
  • Covers a wide selection of techniques
  • Includes online videos of techniques
  • Plenty of tips, useful resources and added extras!

Course Cost

The course is just £199 per person for 12 months access to the course videos, downloadable PDFs, tutor support and student Facebook group. We also offer a monthly subscription option at £19.99 per month. Payment is arranged via paypal and all students have access to the learning portal and Facebook support group as long as their payment subscription is active. Join students from across the world to learn about printmaking from home!

Find Out More or Enrol

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