In my blog post today I wanted to discuss Positive Language and Sketching and share with you a recent mindset video that I have recorded all about this subject.

Positive Language - Build a Daily Sketching Habit

Over the course of January 2020 I have been running my annual 30 day sketchbook challenge and as usual this brings with it an open dialogue about sketching including our attitudes and use of language towards drawing. One thing I notice (mainly with adults) is that we can be very apologetic or self depreciating about our own work. Perhaps this is an English thing but mainly I believe that these are deep set attitudes built in at an early age for those that don’t always pursue art or design as a career. If I had a pound for every time someone told me that they ‘can’t draw’ or ‘aren’t creative’ or ‘it went wrong’ I would be a rich woman!

So, why is this important?

I believe that the way that we talk and use certain words when describing creative activities can have a huge impact on our thoughts and our overall pleasure and success in this arena. If we constantly tell ourselves that we ‘can’t do it’ or ‘we are wrong’, what effect does this have? I believe that it blocks our ability to relax, it prevents us from opening our minds to discover new things and to ultimately give ourselves space to create. Creativity is soooo important, not just for “artists” and “designers” but in almost every walk of life. I am sure that an athlete starting a race doesn’t think ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘I am rubbish at running’ – almost the exact opposite! So why when we attempt drawing for the first time do we give ourselves such a hard time?

Video on Positive Language

I have been filming mindset videos as part of one of my new online courses ‘Build a Daily Sketching Habit’ and thought I would give you a sneaky peek into the types of things I discuss by sharing this video. The video is around 5 mins long and discusses the way we use positive language around sketching and drawing.

Replace Negative With Positive

So one of the quickest ways to make big changes to your language and in trunk your thinking about drawing is to replace any words you notice you use that are negative.

Instead of saying “that went wrong” say something like “that was a fun experiment”

Instead of saying “I’ve no time to draw today” try saying “I’ve got 5 minutes to draw something fun.”

Instead of saying “drawing faces is hard” rephrase with something like “faces is what I am going to learn to draw through regular practice”

Instead of “I hate not being able to do this…” say – “I love learning and being a beginner again.”

You get the gist…

Watch Your Language!

So – figure out what negative words you use yourself and try to replace with a more positive set of words. Observe your own language towards sketching closely as you progress through the course. Make these little changes where you can – it is amazing the difference this can make.

Never Make Excuses

PLUS – never make excuses or apologise for your work. Instead saying things like “Sorry, I didn’t have much time today” if you are sharing work in the comments box below, maybe just state facts “Pencil sketch, 10 mins.” If you did the best you can with the time / materials / day / mindset that you had at that very moment, then that is good enough for me and it should be good enough for you too!

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