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Learning Linocut: A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Relief Printing Through Linocut  is the Amazon no.1. bestselling book from Susan Yeates of Magenta Sky Printmaking – all about relief printing using linocut! The book takes the reader on an exciting tour of the whole creative process, from generating ideas and setting up a studio space to cutting techniques, mark-making and printing a lino block. Signed by the author. UK delivery only.

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A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Relief Printing Through Linocut

Learning Linocut is the comprehensive book from Magenta Sky Printmaking – all about relief printing using linocut!

Learning Linocut is an exciting and detailed guide to the art of relief printing by exploring linocut. The book takes the reader on a comprehensive tour of the whole creative process, from generating ideas and setting up a studio space to cutting techniques, mark-making and printing a lino block. The book also covers more complex techniques for multiple-coloured linocuts including the reduction technique, the key-block system and experimental linocutting.

Learning Linocut contains plenty of easy to follow step-by-step guides (illustrated by colour photos), interesting and innovative suggestions of ways to work with lino and even useful ‘tips’ from the author providing extra pointers for things to try next.

The linocut techniques discussed in this book can either be carried out at home or in a professional printmaking studio.

•    Packed full of colour images
•    Step-by-step guides to each technique
•    Provides lists of materials and equipment needed
•    Investigates how to generate ideas and gain inspiration for prints
•    Information on cutting techniques, mark-making and image interpretation
•    Explains printing and registration methods
•    Explores multiple-coloured prints – reduction and key-block systems
•    How to store, finish and sell linocut prints
•    Includes a selection of interesting linocut projects
•    Useful ‘tips’ from the author throughout the book

Whether you are a complete beginner to art, just new to printmaking or you are an accomplished printmaker looking for some new ideas and tips, there will be something in here for you to take away. This is a must-read for anyone interested in linocut printing!

Buy direct from the author, Susan Yeates, here on the Magenta Sky website – signed copy!

Also available to buy on Amazon.co.uk (UK buyers) and Amazon.com (for non UK buyers).

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10 reviews for Learning Linocut Book

  1. funnyjaybird – from Amazon.co.uk

    This is an indispensable book for anyone interested in linocut printing. Well laid out, with clear step-by-step instructions and examples, it’s the best book I’ve found on the subject. Buy it.

  2. justg – from Amazon.co.uk

    I bought this book as a present for my sister. She cannot rate it enough. As a novice to linocutting it gives you a contextual background to the craft as well as providing you with a more holisitc approach to your art work with linocutting, for example by giving information about how to develop a sketchbook of ideas and create ideas and designs from sources of inspiration. I think this is invaluable alongside the ‘how to’ practical approach to any craft as the craft is only as good as your imagination. Pictures and projects were all very inspirational.

  3. BeeGirl – from Amazon.co.uk

    I bought this book directly from the author, after doing one of her linocut workshops, and it’s brilliant. The instructions are clear and easy to follow if you are a novice, like me. There is also a lot of sample artwork to give you ideas. I had no idea I’d be able to create such detailed pieces, just from bits of lino! I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning linocut, or about it.

  4. Graham Hughes

    “I bought a copy of your book ‘Learning Linocut’ this August, and just to prove that people do really benefit from books like this I attach my Christmas card for this year, my second only linocut, based on a photo of my house ‘Y Nyth’ (The Nest) in Wales, in the deep snow last year. The book is great and I keep going back and re reading it. Thank you for your inspiration.”

  5. Charlie, thestrid82 – from youtube

    I have this book by Su Yeates. It’s a brilliant book and has really helped my on my degree as has the press that she sells. The books covers a lot of ground in a short space and is always clear and informative. It uses the technical terminology but never waffles on. There are also examples from professional and esteemed printmakers at the top of the game right down to beginner work so there is always something for the individual to begin to understand whatever their level. Kitchen sink methods are also discussed, so this book would make a great gift for someone looking to get into any type of creative craft such Lino/Relief printmaking on a tight budget as well as artists wishing to expand on their craft? skills. Charlie x

  6. Jacques Thibault, Québec

    Your book LEARNING LINOCUT is by far the best book on the subject. It’s like holding a little treasure in your hand. One of a kind, clear, stimulating. Merci beaucoup Susan Yeates!

  7. T Mole from amazon.co.uk

    I happened to come across this book as I was looking for a beginners guide to linocutting. I was not disappointed. A well written book with clear instructions and loads of photos. I saw that the author had a website so I visited the site. They offer workshops so I booked one with some of my friends and was lucky enough to meet Susan Yeates. We had a fun morning/afternoon with her and did some projects. If you are in the UK I would recommend going to one of her classes. Thanks Susan for a great book.

  8. F Bingley, from amazon.co.uk

    This must be the definitive guide! “After getting nowhere with lino cutting, I put this book on my wish list and got it as a Christmas gift. Whatever your expertise in lino cutting there will be something useful here for you. The author makes no assumptions on previous experience, taking you from the very basics to fascinating advanced techniques with many example illustrations. The huge amount of useful information and step-by-step instructions means that you can pick up on anything from anywhere in the book. The hardest looking tasks are made so easy by the author. My rubbish lino cutting has turned into master works of art overnight thanks to this book. The only minor thing I can find against it is there is a fair amount of repetition in each section, but this makes it all the more fail safe.

  9. gimmielinda from amazon.co.uk

    very useful introduction “I have used this multiple times to produce my own prints. It is and excellent guide and reference book for a beginner.”

  10. Sally Jane Shaw from Amazon.co.uk

    Just great “This book is just what you need to start lino cutting and it is such an easy going book makes you want to have a go. There are also some great resource lists in the back. Thank you Susan a great book.”

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