16508164_1342493529148285_5074491064789790559_nI just wanted to write a quick blog post to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came along (and sent good luck messages) to support my book launch on Thursday 9th Feb 2017 at Ochre Print Studio.

I was a little nervous about presenting a 45 minute presentation about the book (Learn to Earn from Printmaking) and what inspired me to create it but after turning up and seeing what a friendly and supportive group was there, I was off and away…

The event was held in the cafe at Ochre Print Studio, a printmaking studio in Guildford close to where I live and for whom I have taught a few times this year. (Thank you to Ochre for providing the venue!) They provided me with a room, a projector, wine and nibbles and lots of their lovely members came along to find out more about how the book came about.

16602630_1342493802481591_1390099906282246865_nFrom 6.30pm people started to turn up and grab their seats, including my very supportive family who selected their front row positions! Once the room was full I began the talk at 7pm. With a PowerPoint to support me, I talked about my background and how I started in printmaking from school and university and also my various creative business pursuits that helped to form much of the information that went into the book itself. I then talked about how the idea for the book came about and how exactly you do create a book from start to finish including the process that I used myself here: self-publishing. I then moved on to explain what was contained within the book and even read an extract from the introduction. It was amazing how quickly the time flew past and before I knew it the talk was over!

After the presentation there was time for some questions and answers and I was pleased to receive quite a few good questions. I then moved onto a book signing and many of those that came along went away very happy with a signed copy of the book!

All in all I had a wonderful evening and thoroughly enjoyed the process of launching this new book. I’ve included a few photos of the event here or you can hop on over to Facebook for a few more.

If you want to find out more about the book please use the following links:

More info / buy a signed copy on this website – Click Here

Buy on www.amazon.co.uk – Click here

Buy on www.amazon.com – Click here

Thank you and I hope you all enjoy the book (and printmaking of course!)



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