Wow – another year of fabulous sketching on my annual 30-Day Sketchbook Challenge!

Thank you to everyone who took part in 2020. It has been another creative and super-inspiring year and I am pleased to see so many people picking up their sketchbooks and embracing the challenge!

Feedback Please!

I’d like your feedback on the sketchbook challenge – whether you enjoyed it and specifically what you enjoyed. I also NEED YOUR HELP on shaping my next adventures into sketchbooking. I have some exciting new ideas for a monthly sketching community but want to make sure that it is EXACTLY what you want before I go ahead. The things I offer are always about YOU and building up your skills, techniques and confidence in your artwork.

Your feedback is highly valued and if you complete the survey in full I will make sure you are kept up to date with what I come up with next (including a special discount on any courses and paid services.)

The survey should take just 5 minutes to complete. See the form below or click this link here:

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Did You Enjoy the Challenge? ** Pay What You Want System **

This is the third year of the 30 day sketchbook challenge and I have loved every moment. However, I have also realised that this challenge takes over my whole January!

There is a lot of work involved in creating the prompts, managing messages and emails, designing and sending the daily emails, running the Facebook Group, recording videos and preparing all the artwork. Oh – and I do this 100% on my own on top of running a pottery cafe and attempting to look after a headstrong toddler.

With this in mind, although I always aim to offer the sketchbook challenge for FREE and for the love of it, I have realised that to make the challenge sustainable for years to come I will need to think about charging a small nominal amount for it.

So… I have decided on a pay-what-you-want structure. Unconventional I know, but this simply means that the challenge is free for anyone that doesn’t want to or cannot afford to pay, but for those who have enjoyed and gained from it, you can make a donation or contribution. This money will go towards the costs of the challenge, and 10% of all income from the sketchbook challenge will go to the charity MIND. Mind is a charity concerned with mental health and I really believe that art and creative activities have a huge power to support and assist people who are looking to improve their mental wellness.

If you enjoyed the challenge, then I politely suggest that you donate a small something to show your appreciation and so that I can run it again next year. Please click on the donate button below to choose what you want to pay. Just as an indicator, and after plenty of research, if I were to charge for this the challenge the cost would be £4.99 per person. But I also won’t be offended if you pay just 99p or even value the challenge higher!

Click on the PayPal button below to donate.


If you have any questions please email

Thank you so much for your help!

Susan Yeates
Author, Artist and Daily Sketcher
Magenta Sky

Missed The Challenge?

If you missed it and want to follow along in your own time then go to this page here for a full prompt list: 



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