I have some very exciting news… The TedX talk that I delivered in December 2019 at the WWF Living Planet building in Woking is now live on YouTube.

This was quite a big step out of my comfort zone, and very rarely do I say that I am proud of myself (I am far too English) but this may be an exception…

Yes, I am officially a TedX speaker!

This took 6 months of preparation and rehearsals and many days filming myself talking to myself, but finally it is here. Please see the video above

I do however have some serious points covered in here that I am very passionate about. Firstly about supporting mums in business (and I am one), and about how important collaboration is for success. I even include one of my original drawings of a mandala in the background.

About the Talk

In these musings of a Mumpreneur, Susan talks through her personal experiences of being a new mum, the importance of supportive communities for working women and how collaboration is the way forward for all mums in business. Susan believes that shaping the way we connect and come together into a beautiful work of art (a mandala), is the way to achieve empowerment and success. Susan is an artist, author, award-winning Mumpreneur (MPower Spirit Award 2018) and co-owner of Fired Frog Pottery Café in Woking. Susan lives and breathes creativity, sharing her passion for all things art-related through workshops, online courses, sketching challenges and her books. Susan is passionate about supporting other women and mums in business, and believes in working together to achieve great things. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Watch and Share!

So, feel free to watch and share… especially if you are a woman, a mum in business or know someone who is (well, I am sure you must all know some women!) But mainly – please do support me by watching this video.

Please note: I am available for speaking opportunities e.g. talks and after dinner speeches at events that are all about women in business or creative entrepreneurship.

Please get in touch by emailing info@magenta-sky.com

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