“Thank you Susan for a most enjoyable month of art. I have looked forward to seeing the prompts each day and have usually completed them before I do anything else. My usual art group is not meeting, so this has more than compensated by keeping me connected to other people …

Janet Scott, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“Thank you Susan for a terrific month of drawing ideas; I’m hoping that the habit of a daily sketch in well ingrained!”

Marilyn Gough, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“Susan thank you so much for organising this challenge. I’ve loved seeing all the art work and feel is if I’ve made some friends along the way.”  

Debbie Rosser, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“Thank you for the mini course, helped overcome my fear of using a pen for sketching. Will definitely practice everyday for the rest of the month.”

Fran, 5 Days of Creativity Boosting Exercises, May 2020

“Very helpful and thought provoking.”

Sonia Jensen, Build a Daily Sketching Habit

“Thank you – I have found the course inspirational in the fact that it is getting me back into daily sketching and doodling which personally I find relaxing and it takes me to a happy place.”

G. Callaghan, Build a Daily Sketching Habit, Feb 2020

“This is an amazing course! (I am an absolute beginner who has previously enjoyed your 30 day sketchbook challenge) Although I have marked these sections as complete, by no stretch of the imagination have I ‘completed’ anything! I am simply impatient to see what else you are going to share …

Christine Duncan, Build a Daily Sketching Habit, Feb 2020

“A very accessible course, even for absolute beginners like me. Helped me feel more creative.”

Jess Hocking, Sketching for Fun, 2019

“I’m loving working through this course. The handy techniques and clear video instructions make it really easy to work though. Thanks for the inspiration – great for someone returning to drawing after a break such as myself!”

Louise Sproxton, Sketching for Fun, 2019

“A very accessible course, even for absolute beginners like me. Helped me feel calmer and more creative.”

Claire Warne, Mindful Drawing and Doodling for Beginners, 2018

“Susan’s course is a very well thought out and comprehensive step-by-step guide into the practice of mindful drawing suitable for beginners.”

Lilliana Montoya, Mindful Drawing and Doodling for Beginners, 2018

“After starting Susan’s Mindful Drawing and Doodling I can already feel the different parts of myself reconnecting. I have been looking for something to ground me and bring me some peace to release my creativity which has long been obscured by the rat race life has become. This is been …

Jessica Bignell, Mindful Drawing and Doodling for Beginners, 2018

“I’m loving working my way through this course. The simple techniques and clear instruction make it accessible even to a total drawing novice. It’s a great way to switch off at the end of a busy day and secure some much needed ‘me’ time. Thanks for the inspiration!”

Louisa Whalley, Mindful Drawing and Doodling for Beginners, 2018

“This course is very thorough. The details that may otherwise be overlooked while planning are explained. The presenter has knowledge of the subject and shares her experience.”

Nicole Melton, How to Teach Craft Workshops

“Fantastic course. Full of useful information and structured well to take you through the process from initial thoughts to the final product and beyond. Given me a lot of confidence.”

Hazel Russell, How to Teach Craft Workshops

“I have been teaching one on one crafts for a few years now but there are details provided in this course that I would have never thought of. Great course! I highly recommend it.”

Claudia Giomi, How to Teach Craft Workshops

“Very informative and extremely important information to get students started in planning their creative workshops. The content is excellent and valuable to student who wishes to turn their passion into a viable career whether part-time or full time. The course covers information how to cover your costs by the minimum …

Hazel Robinson, How to Teach Craft Workshops

“Thank you for inspiring me. I joined for the first time in January and love the daily emails.”

Julie Dearnaley, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“I am delighted that I came across the challenge. From the start of isolation (I live alone) I completely lost any urge to get into my studio and any feelings of creativity. The challenge worked on two levels for me. Firstly there was your encouragement and positive energy that I woke up to …

Gillian Tait, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“Thank you so much for all your hard work, pulling this challenge together. It’s been such fun and stimulating to try and do the prompts. Some of them have provoked quite some thought.”

Sarah Vipond, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“I just want you to know that this has been SO helpful and SO encouraging!!! Thank you for pouring all your time and energy into these!”  

Kirsten Larsen, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020 

“Thank you so much for all the prompts that have encouraged me to try sketching for the first time! Usually up at 6, I’ve looked forward to the email arriving at 6.30 every day. I’ve loved looking at the interpretations of the prompt from others and also enjoyed the conversations I’ve had with …

Paula Stephenson, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“Thank you so much for running this challenge. It has really boosted my creativity and seeded lots of ideas to follow up. I loved getting the daily prompts and looked forward to them as a daily highlight. Keep up the inspiration – you do a fantastic job :)”

Mary Scott, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“A big thank you, Susan, for running the April sketchbook challenge which I thoroughly enjoyed and managed to do all 30 days. It was lovely to receive comments and to see other people’s brilliant interpretations of the same prompt. I have the e-book and have also signed up for the 5-day challenge.”

Julia Renee Cook, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“Thank you again. Each day the challenge had been something to look forward to, focus on and give variety to days which otherwise would be a bit ‘groundhog’. A real benefit in these difficult times.”  

Wendy Knipe, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“A big thank you for organising last month’s sketch book challenge. It has really helped me get motivated to do some art every day (not saying I actually achieved that though). It was good to have prompts which took me outside my comfort zone, though the ones that relied on …

Pippa Ferguson, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“A huge thank you for keeping me busy last month! It was so therapeutic working through the prompts during this difficult time of lockdown. I love to draw especially from life and your prompts are perfect for that!”

Louise, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“Thank you for such a wonderful fun-filled 30 days sketchbook challenge which made me to interact with new people and got inspired with their work. Their techniques are so amazing and trying to implement in my work. Thank you once again. Basically I do lots of quilling and mixed media …

Sathya Thangavel, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“Thank you so much! Thanks for showing us that ‘showing up for ourselves’ can be simple. Sometimes that gets shoved so far down in the everyday to-do’s because of our perception it requires ‘coming up with energy to create’ when in reality it is an exercise in releasing, expanding and …

Dawn, 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge, April 2020

“Really great class. Very informative and very hands on.”

Joanne Van Campen, Jan 2016

“Really enjoyed myself – interesting and very friendly people. Great atmosphere :)”

J. Proudfoot, May 2014

“I’ve had a great day and have learnt so much more than I would have trying to learn on my own at home.”

D. Bovins-Johnson, April 2014

“Very good, really enjoyed the day. Pitched at just the right level, and everyone ended up with lovely prints.”

J. Wheeler, April 2014

“Great style and content. Really appreciated tutor’s patience and support!”

Anon, April 2014

“Very well planned with ample tme to cary out the two woodcuts / printing. Good numbers / easy instructions. Thank you!!”

S. Barrett, Oct 2012

“Very enjoyable afternoon. Excellent instruction and wonderful results. Many thanks Sue!”

M. Taylor, Oct 2012

“Very good class – really enjoyed it.”

S. Fernandez, Oct 2012

“Really brilliant course, came out with a full understanding of many techniques that can all be used at home. Course leader had a fantastic knowledge of printmaking as a whole!”

K. Stoate, Sept 2011

“My mind is reeling at the amount we covered! Very inspiring & can’t wait to try out all the techniques!”

Anon, Sept 2011

“Loved it!”

D. Nolan, Sept 2011

“Fantastic – the class is not only fun, but relaxing. The instructor allows you to design the print yourself but also adds suggestions.”

D. Taylor, July 2011

“Very good. Lots of fun. Left to work independently but help on hand if needed.”

L. Cheek, April 2011

“Really good, teacher very informative and also gives you creative freedom.”

Rowan Dewar, July 2011

“I had a great time and I also learnt a great new skill. I’m so pleased I came because it’s been one of the best workshops I’ve ever done.” “Excellent course, well taught and full of useful advice.” “I attended the linocut event on 30 July in Guildford. My first …

Anon, July 2011

“Lots of fun. Great to have things to take away at the end of the day.”

E. Randall-Milne, April 2011

“Informative and well managed.”

S. Stephens, July 2011

“Excellent. Great to be in such a good venue. Amazing range of talent in the work produced.” “Excellent. I’ve never done artwork before, not since school anyway; it was brilliant.” “Excellent, very informative and lots of encouragement/feedback. Great fun.”

Anon, May 2011

“Great day – calm and ‘full’ of examples, ideas and techniques.”

Anon, April 2011

“Nice number of students. Relaxed atmosphere and plenty of time to achieve good prints and number of prints.”

A. Franklin, March 2011

“Very good class, well taught, no pressure, it was fun.”

L. Peacock, March 2011

“I had a blast and Susan is a very patient tutor!” “Interesting, informative, pitched at right level, conducted at right pace, well resourced – fun!”

Anon, Feb 2011

“Excellent – learnt so much.”

A. Mudie, Jan 2011

“V good – well structured, relaxed, informative. Great to have such a small group. Learned a lot.”

Anon, Jan 2011

“Very useful – learned a lot! Good to see others working.” “Informative and enjoyable.” “It was very informative and enjoyable.”

Anon, Oct 2010

“Good tuition. Very relaxed. Lovely place.”

S. Jordan, Oct 2010

“Really learnt a lot and enjoyed it. Good teaching and group support.”

S. Ellis, Oct 2010

“Really well structured, fun and enjoyable and well planned.”

L. Meecham, Oct 2010

“Very enjoyable, nice to have ‘instant’ results.”

P. Pankhurst, 2010

“Friendly and inspirational.”

L. Mansfield, Alton, 2010

“Very relaxing and enjoyable and educational.”

C.Osadnik, 2010

“A very fun, educational day. I learnt a lot and was impressed by the course structure and delivery.”

E.F. Buitrago, Woking, 2010

“Lovely to have such a nice outcome after a short demonstration.”

I. Wilkinson, Salisbury, 2010

“Good value for money – always a chance to achieve.”

A. Rooney, Salisbury, 2010

“Lively, fun, simple techniques!” “Great end result!”

Anon, Farnham, 2010

“This course made me think about the synchronicity in collaborative work and the energy it generates. We are all different but so similar.”

C. Osadnik, 2010

“Susan is a very friendly and helpful teacher no matter your ability you can enjoy the workshop.”

B. Drayton, Woking, Nov 2007

“Really enjoyed myself – interesting and very friendly people. Great atmosphere :)”

J. Proudfoot, May 2014