The September 7-Day Sketchbook Challenge is Here!

I have had SO much fun this year running two full 30-day challenges in both January and April but as January 2021 seemed so far away, I was itching so share something else. And so… I am so excited to finally announce my mini sketchbook challenge this Autumn.

I know that may of you love these sketchbook challenges (that I have been running since 2018,) but a full 30 days can be a little much if done too often. Therefore, with feedback and discussion I have decided to run this mini 7 Day sketchbook challenge. Think of it as a fun warm-up ready for Jan 2021 and a week of creative sketchbooking.

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When Do We Start?

The challenge starts on Monday 21st September 2020 and runs for 7 days to Sunday 27th September. So we have a full week of sketching to enjoy.

Watch as I Explain…

Watch the video below as I explain all about this special week-long sketchbook challenge.

How Does It Work?

Each day of the challenge i.e. for 7 days in a row, I will share with you a challenge prompt. This will be an object, topic or word from which you do a drawing or sketch in your sketchbook.

The only rules are that:

    1. You use a sketchbook to sketch in (or similar digital version / piece of paper)
    2. The piece of work must be created that day especially for the challenge prompt (don’t share old work!)
    3. That you keep going for the full 7 days (if you can that is – no stress!)
    4. You can take as long as you want to sketch or just spend a few minutes. As many of you know I always stress quantity over quality with these challenges as we are all about building up the habit of drawing. Little and often is what we are aiming for.
    5. Only ever comment positively about your own work and that of others – this is a FUN and creative challenge for boosting creativity. Suitable for all abilities.

And that’s it.

How Do I Take Part?

There are several ways to access the daily challenge prompts. The easiest is to have them straight to your inbox! Note: If you have taken part in a challenge before then you will automatically receive the 7 days of challenge prompts.
If you haven’t done a challenge before then you can sign up here:

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I will also share the prompts as videos on the special Facebook Support Group here.

The daily videos will also go on my YouTube channel here.

Share Your Work?

You are welcome to join the community and share your work in our Facebook Support group or anywhere on social media using the hashtags #7daysketchbookchallenge and #30daysketchbookchallenge. You can also keep your sketches private if you wish too.

See You on the 21st September!

I look forward to seeing you on the 21st September 2020 for our special 7 Day Sketchbook Challenge. 

Don’t forget to join up for the emails here:

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