It’s week two of our lockdown here in the UK and I have been busy creating and making with little one. We do at least one thing per day that is crafty and creative and I have also realised that sharing my own art activities with her is a great way for her to learn that art is part of my daily life.

For example, I made her some pink leggings on Wednesday with fabric she chose from my never-ending stash and she was ‘head of pins.’ She passed me pins to put in the fabric when I was cutting, and then taking them out as I put the fabric through the overlocker. It was quite fun having our own little sewing bee together. Are there activities that you like doing that you can share with your little one in some way? I find that short bursts of anything are best… and then a bit of running around outside or watching Frozen!

So here are my week two activities for toddlers and kids that you could try…

1. Healthy Lollies

This week I decided to get cooking – in the very loosest sense as I am definitely not a cook. My first two activities involved making yummy snacks. Our healthy lollies are made with yoghurt, fruit and jam and she was involved in all stages… including the eating at the end!

Greek yoghurt
Strawberry Jam

Get your little one to spoon a few tablespoons of greek yoghurt into a bowl. Break the raspberries into pieces and mix in. Add a teaspoon or two or strawberry jam and mix together. Add blueberries or any other fruit they like. Spoon into lolly moulds and put in the freezer to set. Yum!

Healthy Banana and Oat Cookies

I love making these as they are cookies that contain no sugar except the natural sugars of bananas and raisins. Plus they are quick to make and rather yummy… good as an alternative to breakfast as well.


1 ripe banana
Porridge oats
Raisins or sultanas
Dessicated coconut

Mash the banana into a bowl. Add some porridge oats to make it into a cake mixture consistency. Add as many raisins or dried fruit as you want. Add a few tablespoons of dessicated coconut as well. Stir well. Spoon the mixture out onto a greased tray and flatten into cookie shapes. Put in oven for 10-12 minutes at 180-200. Leave to cool then eat! These last in the fridge for a few days as well. If your kids do eat chocolate you can add chocolate chips to the mixture too for an added treat.

Painting (our handmade paper)

If you read my Week 1 blog last week you will have seen that we made some homemade paper. As I suspected, it ended out like a big lump of grey card… but it was strangely satisfying. So this week we decided to paint it.

We chose the smoothest side to work on and started with a little stamping. Then we got the paintbrushes out and some pen-type paints we were given as a present from Ikea. We just went free-style and created our own large piece of ‘Mummy and Ariana’ art! It’s currently living in my studio to brighten up the wall!

Felt Pictures

Now this was a winner! I have a big basket of felt that I never use and after a look through Pinterest decided to make some felt pictures. We did a few, starting with making our own pizza. I did the cutting and she did the sticking.


From pizza we made a picture of a bear with balloons, some flowers with buttons in the centre and a rainbow. Very pleasing. Feel free to use these ideas or come up with your own… (Sneaky peek: I have a felt Olaf prepared for next week.)


Easter Colouring / Puppets

My mum posted us a package of Easter crafts to work on this week – which was lovely! The one we loved the most were these little bunny and chick characters that we coloured in with felt tips and then stuck stickers on. I was then treated to a ‘magic show’ with our colourful Easter puppets!

You can do this yourself by drawing out a bunny or chick shape on some card using a marker pen (or printing out a template from the internet!) Cut out the shape and stick to a lolly stick, straw or stiff piece of card to make them into little puppets. Colour them in and stick stuff on to decorate!

Enjoy these activities

See you next week and stay safe


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