In September I ran two linocut courses – one at Farnham Maltings and one at Ochre Print Studio. I was really impressed by the work created by students that attended so thought that I would share their work with you here on my blog!

Colourful Relief Printing at Farnham Maltings

The first workshop I would like to focus on was a colourful relief printing workshop at Farnham Maltings. We created one-block linocuts and played with colour and cutting to create some interesting prints. Here are some of the lovely works…

14322275_1193588034038836_4581991119460906246_n  14322697_1193798204017819_7558915244090150406_n

14354964_1193588007372172_539427482356560839_n  14390779_1193797827351190_6190900901112179229_n

14370223_1193587904038849_8643379061750492207_n  14390932_1193799390684367_6175515478599578149_n

14264161_1193587917372181_3501201444919278866_n  14333729_1193798060684500_7810986489967507275_n

14369997_1193798410684465_4879763088870459290_n  14368911_1193800384017601_3141596358657514195_n

14291820_1193587877372185_7996441234617311647_n  14368752_1193797857351187_2423871365972376205_n

14368695_1193798120684494_7497276466080662383_n  14333694_1193798597351113_8006426843505564585_n

Two-Day Introduction to Linocut Course at Ochre Print Studio

I was very luck to be asked to teach at Ochre Print Studio in Guildford for the first time this year and run a two-day linocutting course. We had access to the wonderful facilities at the studio and a chance to work over a slightly longer period, creating one-colour and two-colour reduction prints. Here are some of the prints created within this course:

Photo 21-09-2016, 14 00 32  Photo 21-09-2016, 15 15 09

Photo 21-09-2016, 15 19 27  Photo 21-09-2016, 15 14 52

Photo 21-09-2016, 14 26 01  Photo 21-09-2016, 14 52 39


Well done is all I have to say to all the students that came along to the courses in September and I look forward to seeing more of you in October and November for more printmaking. If you would like to see what courses and workshops I have available just click on the workshops tab of the top menu!


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